TMS – Terminal Management System Providing Control and Alerts

A scalable cloud-based system enabling the operator’s to remotely manage terminal fleets

A Terminal Management System (TMS) is a cloud-based system that provides alerts and allows operators to manage their vending machines remotely. The Telemetry & Notifications Cloud-based software provides control and insights for a single remote machine to an entire operational fleet.

oti -TMS

Real-Time Alerts & Features

  • A real-time product, financial & technical data management
  • Real-time machine fleet monitoring
  • Real-time sales tracking and reporting
  • Cash control
  • Detailed technical monitoring
  • Customizable alerting schedules
  • Sales analysis per client/location/machine/ product
  • Remote machine configuration changes

TMS (Terminal Management System) Remote configuration and update capabilities

  • Manage both TeleBox controller and OTI cashless readers
    • Remote firmware update using OTI Secured boot client (FOTA)
    • Remote configuration update
    • Real-time terminal status and alerts
  • Remote access to terminal log files
  • Manage Operators, Users, and Terminals
  • Reports in HTML and Excel formats