Certifications and Standards

OTI’s Cashless Readers Include certifications for EMVco, FeliCa & MIR


Level 2 Compliance

EMVCo established the Terminal Type Approval process to create a mechanism to test compliance with the EMV Specifications.

Type Approval provides an increased level of confidence that interoperability and consistent behavior between compliant applications have been achieved.

Level 2 Type Approval tests compliance with the debit/credit application requirements as defined in the EMV Specifications.

Class: M Class

Operated by Sony Corporation, FeliCa is a secure contactless smart card system and the primary settlement infrastructure used in Japan to make electronic money card payments. With nearly six million vending machines nationwide, the Japanese market represents the second largest opportunity globally for cashless payment solutions.

ISO 9001/2015 Certificate

ISO 9001 / 2015 Certificate

This Certificate is to certify the Quality Management System of ON TRACK INNOVATIONS for ISO 9001/2015 standard for Design & Production (by subcontractors) of electronic products for contactless smart devices, smart cards and integrated systems.


M Class

The certification test assesses pass criteria based on classifications of maximum communication distance between the reader/writer under test and the standard card. – M class: 25 mm or more of maximum communication distance